NBA Live 2008

NBA Live 08

NBA Live 2008! Another game that keeps me in front of the PC! I just feel excited playing this game, this serves as a remedy or just a replacement of acivity if I can’t play Basketball in real life. I don’t play the game in Playstation 3, IM NOT THAT RICH. .hehe. Roster of 2007 is used at this game but to make it more exciting, I do my own rosters by playing the dynasty mode and use fantasy draft mode. The roster would be changed and strategies on how you manage your players with the staff you picked will test you on your skills. As I play this game and try ways to improve my gameplay, I have made the team that best suits my gameplay. I think it’s too late to discover my team correspoding to my gameplay because NBA live 2009 will be released soon. Just excited because of the new features that the NBA live 09 will bring. This is the end of the post and I’m planning to play this game . . .=P


A crazy pic


LOL! just saw this pic over the net. . . I remember the cartoons that I used to watch when I was still in manila. CAT DOG. .I watch this with my cousins, as far as i can remember, we were watching this between 2-4 AM. . .hehe.YES we’re still awake that time. We do stuff like playing cards and play computer, we go out and just do what ever comes into mind. Tamiya 4wd little cars or what ever it is called was our past time back in the days. About this pic. . .it’s just crazy and who ever did this should be called an ARTIST. . .=P


Just another day. . .

This day started late for me.  .  .I woke up 12noon!hehe. . .I’m such a slacker. .=P had lunch at school and did some errands for my thesis group, actually its our job to gather all the prospectus of all departments at our school and use it as data for our study. Good thing we started ahead in gathering data, 3 more departments to go so that we have a complete list of data. We still have to double time!hehe. . .after gathering data, we took a break and watched a soccer game. Cool game actually, both teams ended up in a  fist fight.hehe. .score is tied at ZERO. Then my class started ten to fifteen minutes after the fist fight. Just got home from school and I’m trying to finish this assignment. Looking forward to Finish it ahead and do something fun.=P


Nokia N85 launch in UK

nokia n85

There are phones which are dedicated music phone, or champ in taking
pictures like the Samsung Pixon M8800 while phones like N-gage were
good for gaming. With so many new launches in mobile phones market from
others, long aviated N85 can now be purchased as Nokia N85 launching in the UK
is confirmed and it is going to be priced around 665 USD which seems
quite a lot for a phone but hope as always prices will drop within few
weeks after launch. Talking about the looks of this phone, N85 feels
good to hold and from the first look, it gives very clean and lean
impression which as soon as you slide open the multimedia keys and
begin playing games on it, you will say that ‘yes now it looks more
like other Nokia’s otherwise in closed position with display off,
anyone can mistaken it for HTC touch or even some new creation from

Camera is almost a standard now and N85 has a gem of a camera. The 5
MP Carl Zeiss leans coupled with dual Led flash provides excellent
photo capability to the phone and in everyday use, the camera will
never disappoint except in those very low light places (almost dark).
Video recording is great and videos recorded by this phone are not at
all pixilated with jerky playback, thanks to the 30 frames per second

The interesting thing to know is that the 2.6 inch LCD screen of
this phone is made from OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology
is offers good color saturation and brightness. Not only display, built
quality of the whole phone is good, a healthy 70 mb of internal memory
is provided to the phone and external memory card slot supports up to 8
GB of memory card. So in terms of memory at least, this phone can be
said as future proof.

People who use their phone more for music, than talking to someone
will love that 3.5 mm headphone jack because now they can easily use
any headphone and also plug this phone to any aux source for example
their car music system and enjoy music in car which is played from
their phone. For wireless connectivity, Bluetooth is there and with
A2DP technology, we can expect some non stop music over Bluetooth
wireless headphone.

Overall, this phone is a good buy for people who want more from their mobile phone.

-Another gadget that took my attention for a while. . .compared to my mobile phone now, this phone is way too cool!hehe. .I will not mention the model of my cell phone.=P But it’s also nokia and from the first phone I got until now. . .It’s still nokia. . .hehe. I really don’t know why it’s always nokia. Maybe because it’s user friendly and it fits my personality. I wanna try other brands for mobile phones but I guess i’m out of cash.xD  I still don’t have the capacity to buy myself a new one. Hmmmm. . .just try to read the specs on the phone featured. . .I also figured I can’t buy it because it’t only released at UK, and usually phone releases here in the Philippines  are delayed. Till here for gadgets! I will try to look for more gadgets. .


Keian P71-A2-JP Digital Photo Frame


Keian Japan, a company which manufactures consumer electronic devices, has recently introduced its latest product called Keian P71-A2-JP which is a digital photo frame that features various media functions and applications.

Unlike most conventional electronic photo frames which have only been designed to display pictures and nothing more, this impressive device does not only provide a single function since this has also been designed with built-in photo printer, optional external hard drive, and audio player.

The digital photo frame features a screen display which comes in 480 x 234 pixel resolution, allowing people to display their photos which come in vivid, well-detailed, and high-quality colors.

Another outstanding feature of this photo frame is the built-in printer which has been designed to produce images which comes in 100 x 150 mm dimension with 300 dpi resolution. With this built-in printer, consumers should no longer worry about purchasing another one just to produce the pictures stored inside the digital photo frame.

The device has also been designed to play MP3 music, making this digital photo ideal for those consumers who also happen to be music-lovers.

Providing file sharing capability, the device provides a wide selection of USB hosts. Users can choose from SD slots, memory stick support, and SDHC slots to download pictures from this digital photo frame. Meanwhile, users can install external hard drives (this is only optional) if they would need such feature.

In terms of physical features, this has a 7-inch screen display and has white glossy frame which resembles a box.

With various media applications and functions including MP3 player, built-in printer, this digital photo frame is ideal for tech-savvy consumers who always want to have the latest electronic gadget.

Also, this electronic device is ideal for people to show their high-tech way to display their pictures, allowing them to conveniently change the images according to their likes.

Meanwhile, the company has not yet released the exact pricing of Keian P71-A2-JP D and the day this product will be introduced to the public.

-Japs proves that they are trully an A1 country!cool stuff for a photo frame. .  not only that, it can serve as an external hard drive, photo printer and audio player. Some gadgets or the technology from japan are not yet available here in the philippines. I guess here in the philippines, people would look at this and would say “whats that!?”. . .hehehe . .just joking!


Limited Edition World of Warcraft Computer Keyboard


if you could make any choice and select any of the cool keyboards for your typing purpose, here is yet another keyboard you have as an option. The “World of Warcraft” keyboard is what they call it and it is limited edition, so hurry before the stocks end. This WoW Limited Edition Keyboard retails for $69.99 at Amazon.

The WoW Keyboard is designed in such a way that it gives optimal performance when playing World of Warcraft. The Amazing keyboard or “SteelSeries Zboard Limited-Edition Wrath of the Lich King Bundle with Zboard Keyboard, Keyset, and Standard Qwerty Keyset” keyboard as the Amazon call it, has been built with special keys assigned for Raiding and Player vs. Player (PvP) gameplay, one-touch macros for frequent commands like roll, duel and invite, strategic placement of color-coded labeled keys. It definitely is just another funky Keyboard if you don’t plan on playing the Game it is designed for. If you do play World of Warcraft, this keyboard is as essential as your computer for playing the game.

In case you do not play this Online game and would like to find a way to look at it differently than before, you can check out the other game World of World of Warcraft, and even see how World of Warcraft Saved a Life.

-Gadgets!!!ehehe. . .I’m not that materialistic but if I see something, I’m sure I will know its details and will think wisely if it’s a need or a want. Hmmmm. . .I just saw this cool keyboard, it’s just cool because it’s WoW WotLK. Wrath of the Lich King Expansion is not yet released or available at the private server that we are playing on. This gadget just caught my attention and I guess my friends wanna see it too. . .


Celtics’ Garnett suspended, Bogut’s foul upgraded

Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics has been suspended one game without pay for striking Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut in the face. In addition, Bogut’s Foul that was committed on Garnett has been upgraded to a Flagrant Foul Penalty One, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations.

The incident occurred with 3:58 remaining in the fourth period of the Celtics 102-97 win over the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday, Nov. 15, at the Bradley Center.

Garnett will serve his suspension Tuesday when the Celtics host the New York Knicks at TD Banknorth Garden.


GRRRR!!!!hehe. . YES!I also watch basketball, basketball is one of my hobbies just to keep me fit and save me from being obese. . .haha! What a bad news for the Boston Celtics. Obviously my favorite team is BOSTON! I just like them because kG is there. .same initials with my name Kneil Gerard. . .hehe. . .I just hope they defend their title. I’ve been seeing lots of good rookies and sophomores around the league. Too bad I have less time to watch games. . .GO CELTICS!

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