Gaming History. . .

MY GAMING HISTORY. . as far as I can remember. . the first game I played was stick figures boxing, it was on a PC. I can remember that its not yet on windows operating sytem and it has applications like lotus 1 2 3. The next game I played was a 3D car race on the same PC. . .then came the family computers, ofcourse I played Super Mario and Street Fighter, Pacman was also the game that keep me awake till midnight. Lots of games actually. . .next game was wolfenstein 3D where I played to my uncles PC. . .thats already Windows 95 I guess…Then came Sony Playstation. Games I play are not RPG, maybe i’m just not into it. I’m more of fighting and car racing. Need for speed, Crash team racing, Street Fighter and bloody roar are some of my favorites. Monster Rancher made me a better trainer for pets.hehe. .after that gaming times, Counter Srike was introduced by my cousins. At first I was hesitant to play it because its new and I don’t know anything about it. After months of intensive training, I admit I became an addict to that game. We played from 8AM to 3AM without even having a healthy meal. Red alert, Diablo and Defence of The Ancients form Warcraft was just a past time for the next big thing for my gaming history. Then came World Of Warcraft. . .there! I guess thats the history of my gaming career. . .if thats considered one.hehe. . till next post for this category!=P


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