Second laboratory for this class…


this is your dear blogger writing another entry for you guys. . .I gues at this point, this blog is not yet visited by people and will never will be. . .haha. .This is my second time to write at this category, it is kind of personal or just the ‘write what ever I wanna write’ portion of the blog with out any rules. Hmmmm. . .yesterday at lecture of this subject, we were assigned to do 5 categories and for each category we need to make 3 posts. So don’t be surprised if posts are just appearing on this blog.hehe. . .What happened this day?first we had a class 10am to 1pm which is Seminars and fieldtrip, we started the class at 11am or I guess that was 11:30. Next class is graphics and animation where we should draw what is required and do it at the computer. I’m not an artist so my drawings suck. After that class we had a meeting for our thesis, the meeting was not that pleasant because our batch may not graduate on time if we can’t finish our projects in time. Status of our project = DELAYED. Then this is the last class. . .Laboratory where we should make lots of posts. . .and right now I really do not know what to write anymore. .I think I’m gunna make more posts just to finish the job.


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