World Of Warcraft!

arthasarthas loading screen

so this is the game I have been playing for a year or less. . this is the big thing I was talking about. . .History repeated itself when I was asked to play this game by my college friends. . .I also refused to play the first time I was invited. Now i’m an addict to ;this game. . .hehe. . .good thing i’m an honest blogger. Anyway, this game is just like its name itself. . .you will create a character. In creating one, you need to choose a race and a class. There are different races and classes, each class and each race has its unique abilities so choose wisely. First task is to level up your character, then after leveling, you need to gear up. There are many ways to gear up your character, By proffession, raiding and arena. Through proffession, you level up the proffession by doing some stuff required. Raiding is like boss hunting or it is boss hunting, after killing the boss you get the items dropped by the boss. Arena is for geared people already but its also a way to be geared. Goal is to be the strongest player. This may look easy but I tell you. .I have been playing the game for a year but still im not good enough.=P till here on gaming stuff. .

PS: This post about WOW is not that detailed….just to give an idea for some who doesnt have an idea what it is


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