Keian P71-A2-JP Digital Photo Frame


Keian Japan, a company which manufactures consumer electronic devices, has recently introduced its latest product called Keian P71-A2-JP which is a digital photo frame that features various media functions and applications.

Unlike most conventional electronic photo frames which have only been designed to display pictures and nothing more, this impressive device does not only provide a single function since this has also been designed with built-in photo printer, optional external hard drive, and audio player.

The digital photo frame features a screen display which comes in 480 x 234 pixel resolution, allowing people to display their photos which come in vivid, well-detailed, and high-quality colors.

Another outstanding feature of this photo frame is the built-in printer which has been designed to produce images which comes in 100 x 150 mm dimension with 300 dpi resolution. With this built-in printer, consumers should no longer worry about purchasing another one just to produce the pictures stored inside the digital photo frame.

The device has also been designed to play MP3 music, making this digital photo ideal for those consumers who also happen to be music-lovers.

Providing file sharing capability, the device provides a wide selection of USB hosts. Users can choose from SD slots, memory stick support, and SDHC slots to download pictures from this digital photo frame. Meanwhile, users can install external hard drives (this is only optional) if they would need such feature.

In terms of physical features, this has a 7-inch screen display and has white glossy frame which resembles a box.

With various media applications and functions including MP3 player, built-in printer, this digital photo frame is ideal for tech-savvy consumers who always want to have the latest electronic gadget.

Also, this electronic device is ideal for people to show their high-tech way to display their pictures, allowing them to conveniently change the images according to their likes.

Meanwhile, the company has not yet released the exact pricing of Keian P71-A2-JP D and the day this product will be introduced to the public.

-Japs proves that they are trully an A1 country!cool stuff for a photo frame. .  not only that, it can serve as an external hard drive, photo printer and audio player. Some gadgets or the technology from japan are not yet available here in the philippines. I guess here in the philippines, people would look at this and would say “whats that!?”. . .hehehe . .just joking!


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