Just another day. . .

This day started late for me.  .  .I woke up 12noon!hehe. . .I’m such a slacker. .=P had lunch at school and did some errands for my thesis group, actually its our job to gather all the prospectus of all departments at our school and use it as data for our study. Good thing we started ahead in gathering data, 3 more departments to go so that we have a complete list of data. We still have to double time!hehe. . .after gathering data, we took a break and watched a soccer game. Cool game actually, both teams ended up in a  fist fight.hehe. .score is tied at ZERO. Then my class started ten to fifteen minutes after the fist fight. Just got home from school and I’m trying to finish this assignment. Looking forward to Finish it ahead and do something fun.=P


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